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Aquarius New Moon & a Special Pre-New Moon Ceremony

FULL REPORT January 27 to February 1 This is a week of endings and beginnings. It marks the “tail end” of the Chinese Year of the Snake Cycle and beginning of the Year of the Horse, completion of the 40-day Capricorn Venus Retrograde journey and beginning of the direct journey of Morning Star Venus on her initiatory journey.

Morning and Night Sky Viewing Events

Tuesday (January 28) morning about an hour before sunrise go out to see the crescent Moon approaching Venus in the morning sky. The Moon is conjunct Venus at 6:57 pm PST on Tuesday, so if you go out Wednesday morning, you will see that the wisp of a crescent Moon has sailed on past as it approaches the Sun to produce the exact New Moon (Sun & Moon conjunct) on Thursday afternoon.

Pre-New Moon Ceremony: Tuesday & Wednesday January 28-29

Tuesday is a day of great intensity, all activated by the waning crescent Moon. Early in the morning the Moon is in a sextile with Neptune, lending some grace to this otherwise tumultuous day.

In a span of just 7 hours–between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm PST–the crescent Moon, which is almost at perigee (its closest point to the Earth and thus period of maximum transmission power) is activating the T-Square: it will be square Uranus, conjunct Pluto, opposing Jupiter, and finally conjunct retrograde Venus.

Since January 1, many have felt as though we’re in a holding pattern, especially in the context of group processes or relationships, in a space of “not knowing.” This is because the first month of 2014 has been an internal releasing period, the last “shedding” stage of the Year of the Snake.

Venus in Retrograde has passed through the Underworld and transformed into her new form. The work we’ve been doing is more internal, more reflective–more has been occurring beneath our conscious awareness.

It has been a time of being, rather than external accomplishment.  A deeper, more soulful part of ourselves has been in council with the Circle of the Grandmothers–they who guide the new, emerging expression of Capricorn and bring in a renewed human culture in balance with the Earth.

From Tuesday through Wednesday the waning crescent Moon in Capricorn is ignited by Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus-inviting us to engage in powerful releasing ceremony.

Release Ceremony I suggest going out pre-sunrise Tuesday or Wednesday morning to greet Venus and the Crescent Moon, both in a phase of “dying” in order to be reborn. Both are in the sign of Capricorn, as is Pluto, which is within two degrees of Venus from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Capricorn represents the “bones,” structure, consensus reality or operating manual for human culture. We can participate in the graceful release of Capricorn through our own personal ceremony.

When you go out to greet Venus, the Moon, and Pluto take up to 10 objects you are willing to discard. Small stones, shells, literal scraps for compost, old flowers, etc.

As you focus your attention on Venus and the Moon, consider what is weighing you down in your life. This may be recurring feelings of shame, guilt, or unworthiness. Specific stories or beliefs you carry that keep you stuck in the past, unable to rise into your fullest, most generous self.

It may be regrets from past or present relationships, resentment or bitterness toward parents, family members, lovers, partners, or friends. It may be unnamed burdens you feel you’ve been carrying for your family or your ancestors that you’re ready to release so they can be transformed and healed.

In turn, feel the full weight and experience of each of these burdens in your emotional, physical, and mental bodies.

Breathe each of these burdens into an object in turn. When you are complete, offer them to Venus, Pluto, the Moon, and the Circle of the Grandmothers for composting. Know that the guides of the Celestial (Uranus), the Middle World (Jupiter), and the Underworld (Pluto) all support you in this release process.

Ask that what is waste to you be transformed into healing and positive energy for others experiencing similar burdens, that your willingness to transform and release might support the healing and uplifting of the human family and the Earth. Find a place to bury these objects in your garden or a planter and know that they are now in the expert care of the Grandmothers, who will indeed transform them into new energy and life.

When you are complete, you may wish to sing, to dance, to drum or otherwise move the energy, and end with a prayer of gratitude. This ceremony will help you to become more light and clear. You will be ready to step into a new month and a New Moon–in Aquarius, the sign most dedicated to the evolutionary journey and the awakening of humanity to a more enlightened Earth Walk.

Aquarius New Moon, Year of the Horse, and Venus Direct

The “Dark Moon” phase-from Thursday morning through Friday afternoon–is a time for the planting of new seeds, or intentions. With your lightened heart and free-feeling spirit, take time to reflect on what you wish to create over the coming month.

This might take the form of meditation (especially potent with a perigee New Moon in Aquarius!) journaling, or a walk alone in nature.

Friday or Saturday night, as the tiny crescent Moon becomes visible just after sunset, you may wish to make a more “external” statement of your intentions–gather one or more friends and share your intentions with them perhaps, create a Vision Board, or simply write your intentions clearly and post in a visible place where you will be reminded of them in the month to come.

This Aquarius New Moon is especially potent as it is accompanied by Venus stationing direct and Chinese New Year’s Day–where we leap into the Year of the Horse.

As you move into Friday evening and Saturday, take note of the part of you that really wants to move forward in a powerful way and take action accordingly.  Just as the Moon trigger of the T-Square was preceded by Sun sextile Neptune, at the completion of the New Moon Window the Moon joins with Neptune early Saturday morning.

This, to me, points to the reality that as we move into the Year of the Horse at this heart of the T-Square activation with all the upheaval these events entail, we are truly held in love and light by the Divine, by the angelic presences, in the Heart of God.  All of this preparatory work we have been doing through January–both conscious and unconscious–has benefited us  beyond measure as we step into February feeling uplifted, more free, more clear, and more filled with inspiration and possibility than ever before.

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January 28, Tuesday. Moon conjunct Venus 6:57 pm, Moon sextile Neptune at 3:37 am, Moon square Uranus at 12:00 pm, Moon conjunct Pluto at 4:30 pm, Moon opposite Jupiter at 5:06 pm January 29, Wednesday. Sun sextile Uranus at 12:33 am. January 30, Thursday. New Moon in Aquarius at 1:38 pm. 1:55 am Moon at perigee. Lunar Imbolc. Beginning of the Year of the Horse January 31, Friday. Jupiter opposite Pluto at 1:16 am. Mercury moves into Pisces at 6:29 am. Venus stations direct at 12:49 pm. Sun quincunx Jupiter at 8:05 pm, Moon passes 3.9 degrees NNW of Mercury at 8:38 pm. February 01, Saturday. Moon passes 4.9 degrees NNW of Neptune at 2:29 am.

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