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Aquarius Full Moon, Lammas, and Two Week Report

Night Sky Magic

The next two weeks feature some big highlights including Mars’ rise as Morning Star near August 5 and Venus disappearing from the evening sky by August 8, the same day Mercury and Regulus are very close to one another low in the western evening sky after sunset.

Jupiter is also extremely close to Regulus on Tuesday, August 11 and the Perseid Meteor Showers on the 11-12 should be spectacular this year as their appearance comes so close to the New Moon.

Happy Lunar Lammas Everyone! Lammas is the Cross Quarter time midway between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, and like all the Cross Quarter/Equinox/Solstice points is a time for transition and integration.

It is also a time for the early harvest-with the Full Moon upon us we might take this time to review what has manifested in our lives since planting our seeds at the Cancer New Moon.

It is definitely a time for gratitude practices, even as we attune to the reality that–in the northern hemisphere–we are also at a 3/4 turn toward autumn, approaching shorter days and cooler days ahead. Aquarius Full Moon near Venus and Uranus Retrograde-New Headlines for the Earth

Tonight’s Aquarius Full Moon, which was exact early this morning, is as always a powerful opportunity for clearing and releasing. With the theme of Aquarius, over the next few days we are asked:

Where am I playing too small?

Where am I seeing only a small part of the picture?

How can I ZOOM OUT and see my life, my goals from the larger view?

The Full Aquarius Moon also amplifies the strange, otherworldly, time-out-of-time experience we’ve been having since July 25 when Venus and Uranus both stationed retrograde on the same day!

The Aquarius/Uranus theme of surprising, unexpected, novel events occurring that shake us up and accelerate our evolutionary path is also magnified by Mercury trine Uranus on Sunday, August 2 and the Moon occulting Uranus on Wednesday, August 5.

This coming week is a potent window for meditation, for stillness, for allowing the dust to settle enough to ask ourselves where our true priorities lie.

This time frame also corresponds to the completion of the Capricorn Venus Cycle and Venus stationed retrograde with Uranus.

So we are invited to tune into the most radical, possibility-filled future vision for our own personal lives and for our Earth Family, a vision inspired by the Circle of the Grandmothers, to serve the next seven generations.


Last week in a waking vision I encountered a Native American Grandmother of the Haida nation along the northwest pacific coast, who showed me one way to begin healing our world. She placed in front of me a small bowl filled with water, that I could “scry” into, to see future events. At first I saw images of monarch butterflies flying across the surface of the water.

Then I saw headlines proclaiming “impossible” world news, including: Israel and Palestine Reach Peace Agreement, U.S. Declares Itself Leader in Greenhouse Gas Emissions. World’s Ocean Species Biodiversity Increases by 20%, Lost Species Reappearing, ISIS Lays Down Arms, etc.

She said to practice seeing those images for 10 minutes every day. She said it would make a difference.

So I pass this along to you, my readers.

A practice that is very powerful at this time is to take whatever global issues are troubling you most, whether it is sex trafficking, fracking of native lands, religious extremism, the great polarization in media and politics or a million of other issues.

Practice imagining the headlines that would capture a radical turnabout of these issues.

Begin seeking clues and proof that this issue is being addressed, that it is possible for it to be turned around. And if you are able to give a little bit of money as well to help one or more of these causes, all for the better.

You will feel empowered and you will be tracking and feeding with your attention and resources the trends and possibilities that are transforming our world at every level as I write.

You will begin to act as though anything is possible. You will speak as though anything is possible. You will be clued into the pain and suffering that presently exists and yet you will not be bowed by it.

You will begin to see it as a challenge to exercise your very powerful ability to see and act differently, with compassion and clear vision. Mars Emerges from the Underworld: Welcome the Initiated Relational Masculine

In my vision with the Haida grandmother, she also showed me an image of wounded men all around the globe, war-weary soldiers , ISIS militants, CEO’s who’d lost touch with their souls, all surrounded by circles of grandmothers and women, placing their hands on them, healing them, witnessing their pain, helping them reclaim their lost inner child.

I love that image because the more I work with the Divine Feminine through the Venus Cycle, the more clear it becomes to me that what we are in need of, as much as the return of the Feminine, is the healing of the Masculine and a renewed relationship between the two.

With Mars in the Underworld since the middle of April, the Masculine has been on his Sundance initiation, facing his inner monsters, and sacrificing his old habits and addictions so that he can become whole, healed, and capable of giving his very best to the community while remaining true to his essence.

He has been allowing his old skin to be stripped away, his old identity, his old relationship to power, his old estrangement with the Earth and the feminine to be torn away from him.

As he emerges now on August 5th he may be raw, and tender, but proud of all the ways he has faced his initiation. When I say “he” I refer to two things. I do literally refer to men because many men I have seen have been engaged in deep inner work, have had experiences that took them completely apart, and they have felt as though their power in the world was diminished, or that they have needed to sacrifice on some level.

I refer also to the larger masculine principle at play in the world. For example, for both men and women, our old masculine mode has been focused on addiction to productivity and relentless doing, rather than the ability to just “be.”

When we are operating from the old masculine essence we are armored and stiff, believing that only the use of force, will, power over will get our survival needs met. This wounded inner masculine also equates vulnerability, surrender, and softness with weakness.

That older expression of the masculine is exhausted; tired of holding it all together, of being the big presence on the world stage. Over the past 3 ½ months.

He has been shedding those layers, sacrificing his old need to be in charge, making way for a new expression of the masculine, as well as creating the space for the feminine to lead, with the emergence of the Leo Solar Feminine on August 22, beginning a new Leo Venus Cycle. Complete Metamorphosis: Venus in the Underworld from August 8-22

Over the course of the next two weeks, Venus dips down lower and lower in the evening sky, disappearing entirely into the glare of the Sun by August 8. She will be invisible from this time until her Morning Star Rise about August 22.

Over the course of the entire 584 day Venus Synodic Cycle, which begins and ends with Venus’s Morning Star rise, she will undergo two death and rebirth initiations in the “Underworld” when she disappears into the Sun’s light.

The first, much larger Underworld phase is an exterior conjunction with the Sun, where Venus passes behind the Sun from our view on Earth. This lasts about 2 months, and represents the time in Sumerian Inanna Descent Story where Inanna, Supreme Goddess of Heaven and Earth chooses to travel to the Underworld.

There she undergoes a death of her old self, so that she can be reborn as a stronger, more integrated version of herself.

The second, shorter Venus Cycle, which can be 8-12 days, is where Retrograde Venus crosses the face of the Sun in an interior conjunction. This is the most mysterious phase of the Venus Cycle, where one version of the Goddess (Venus) transforms into a completely new Archetype.

In this case, the Capricorn version of the Goddess, which has been on the world stage for the last 1 12 years, is making way for the new Leo Goddess, who will be on the world stage from August 22, 2015 to March 21, 2017 undergoing her OWN death and rebirth process.

I will write more on this in the next report, which will be a FULL exploration of the upcoming Venus in Leo Cycle, with information on how to make the best use of the cycle, no matter your gender, or whether or now you have Leo in your Birth Chart. This cycle is for ALL of us!

Saturn and Jupiter–Big Players in Next Two Weeks

It has felt a bit wonky with all of the Venus and Uranus Retrograde dynamic as well as with Mars in the Underworld, and Saturn still retrograde as well. In fact, it has felt a whole lot like Mercury Retrograde!

We’re about to experience a shift into more left brain, action-oriented, “middle world reality” over the next two weeks due to Saturn and Jupiter.

This Sunday, August 2, Saturn stations direct, so its impact is felt most powerfully at this time. The next day Jupiter squares Saturn, magnifying Saturn’s impact but adding a dose of the Yin/Yang powerfully creative and constructive dynamic when Saturn and Jupiter come together.

These two manifest powerfully, as they represent the perfect balance between contraction and expansion, which I sometimes think of as an inhale and exhale, birth contractions, or more sexy manifestations of the push/pull, inner outer dynamic that creates life in our dual Universe.

To add to the grounding effect, Jupiter moves into Virgo on Tuesday, August 11 after a year in Leo. In order to cross that threshold into Virgo, Jupiter is conjunct Regulus, the Heart of the Lion on the 11th as well.

Now the Guru Planet (Jupiter) is activating the Regulus effect of our time, helping humanity channel and focus our areas of mastery and expertise toward care for Gaia and all life on this Earth.

Jupiter will remain in Virgo for a year, so this ingress is a BIG deal also, which I will write more about in the months to come.

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