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2013: Honoring the Indigenous

The New Moon in Aquarius is approaching this Saturday eve/Sunday depending on your time zone. In the meantime, we have really been immersed in the Pisces/Neptune mysteries, inspiring us to THINK (Mercury in Pisces) and ACT (Mars in Pisces) from a place of unified consciousness, rather than from separation.

Both Mars and Mercury came within less than a degree from Neptune, also in Pisces this week. We function at our highest at this time when we move into trust, and allow our old ego identities to just fall away, creating room for our brilliant, compassionate soul essence to shine through and dance with others.

2013: The Year to Honor the Indigenous Soul

As I prepared my forecast for 2013, one of the strongest themes that stood out for me was this: It is the year for us to support indigenous people and their land, as well as to claim and strengthen the indigenous soul within each of us.

One of the biggest celestial events of 2013 is a big comet near the end of the year, which scientists believe could appear larger than the full moon at its peak visibility. It is believed this comet may well have come from the same source as the Great Comet of 1680.

The big event of that year occurred here in New Mexico, when many of the diverse Pueblo tribes coordinated a brilliant coup, driving out the Spaniards from their lands and the claiming their interdependence from colonial powers.

I see a new kind of revolution emerging, represented by movements like Idlenomore, and broadscale actions to protect lands sacred to native people like the Wirikuta Front as indicative of the leading edge shift and change we can support at this time.


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