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Venus and Jupiter Meet in Closest Planetary Conjunction of 2014!

Week of August 16 to August 24 all times PDT

Tomorrow (Sunday, August 17th) features one of the big events of the year-at 10:20 pm, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct within .21 degrees of each other in the closest planet-to-planet conjunction of 2014. This event is ALSO significant because their joining occurs at the Beehive Cluster of the Crab Constellation.

This aspect carries a tremendous opportunity to transmute the shadow aspect of the Beehive Cluster—operating from extreme, fear-based boundaries and thus causing harm outside of oneself—into development of healthy boundaries from a place of self-love, and connection to the Global Community.

Monday Morning Best Time to View the Conjunction

Sunday (tomorrow), Monday, or Tuesday mornings August 17-19, rise early 1 to 1 ½ hours before sunrise (bring your binoculars!) to see Venus and Jupiter extremely close to one another near the Beehive Cluster. Monday morning Venus and Jupiter will be at their closest and Venus will be exactly conjunct the Beehive Cluster—so that’s really the high point!

What Does This Mean?

So how does this impact us? Venus and Jupiter are in the sign of Leo when they join forces. This is another reminder that the Zodiac Signs and Constellations are not the same thing So we are working with the magic of Venus, Jupiter, Leo, and the Beehive Cluster within the Crab Constellation all at once.

Venus is the Feminine Principle, which acts to “bring spirit into matter.” Jupiter puts us on our dharmic path, offering the fast track toward spiritual enlightenment. Leo is about radiant, radical self-love, or knowledge and embodied action from one’s Divine Nature.  The Beehive Cluster, also known as Praesepe, in its essence is about healthy boundaries, though it has also been associated with extreme levels of defensiveness.

Praesepe is an open star cluster in the Crab Constellation. It is located at about 7 degrees Leo along the zodiac. The literal meaning of the word Praesaepe in Latin is a crib, stall, fence, or enclosure.

The Many Meanings of the Beehive Cluster or Praesaepe

There’s a fine balance here between understanding the myths and symbols of past cultures yet recognizing that are reality-creators and so we get to co-create with Great Mystery what the current meaning is.

For example Praesaepe, like the Pleiades which is also a star cluster, ancient astrologers from some traditions would have associated it with “blindness, or mischief,” an ill omen. Yet few today associate the Pleiades with negative influences—quite the contrary.

The Beehive Cluster has varied projections from across cultures ranging in extremes from “Nurturing One” for the early Coptic Christians to “a pile of corpses,” from the Chinese tradition. The literal translation of the word Praesope in Latin means crib, manger, or some other object that creates a barrier or fence of support and protection.

The actual term “Beehive Cluster,” however, which is fairly recent, should also definitely be considered, because the time that a name is given to a celestial body indicates the emerging, new, evolved understanding of what that celestial body is truly about. Renaming is part of our evolutionary growth, part of us all collectively “dreaming the dream onward.”


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