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Pluto Uranus Square Activation Inspired by Venus

The world is on fire.

We see it in continued uprisings on the streets and in the social media across the U.S. in response to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner Grand Jury decisions.  We see it in protests across Hong Kong and the continued escalation of conflict in the Middle East.  I could go on…

Welcome to the next installment of Pluto Uranus Squared!

The 6th Pluto Uranus Square is exact this coming Monday, December 14, so the heat is on. It’s like the 60’s all over again, at another octave of intensity with #blacklivesmatter replacing black power, rape culture replacing the patriarchy, and climate justice alongside social justice.

It’s what’s happening “out there” in the collective, in the culture, though certainly these events and movements are very, very personal for those in the cross hairs of the issues.

It’s also “In here,” for pretty much all of us.  We are all feeling the revolutionary energy of Pluto Uranus rise within as well—“As Within, So Without.”  Those of us with Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Ascendant within a couple degrees of 12 in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn are on the front lines experiencing the most radical shifts from the inside out.

So here’s an exercise for you.

Choose an issue out in the world that really triggers you—say child abuse, sex trafficking, institutional racism, the ivory trade, Gaza, etc. If it’s something so dark, disturbing, horrific that you can’t even look at it, even better—look at it.

Now, imagine you are the Creator, the Designer, Masterful Facilitator of All Things Possible.  As you imagine this, breathe into your heart and know that you are capable of addressing these issues in the most heart-centered way possible.  Know that you already have all the information you need.

Now, perfectly tuned into your inner genius, the God Within for divine guidance—what would you do to address the issue?

How might you speak to each of the actors in this drama on the world stage? What are some policies you might draft to support a peaceful and just resolution?

Imagine all of this taking place.

Now, sketch out what elements of you and your life match this drama, and apply your brilliant, heart-centered solution to your problem. How does that look and feel?

For example, say you chose Ferguson.  What element of your being has been deemed less-than, wrong, unworthy?  What part never gets a “fair trial?” Do you feel it rebelling inside of you, trying to break free, finally wanting its voice to be heard, wanting to have rights just like every other aspect of your being? What part of you is cracking down on that rebellion, trying to subdue, intimidate it; make it go away, maintain the status quo? What part of you is the exhausted Mom trying to get home but backed up in a traffic jam caused by protestors?

This exercise is not to trivialize the very real injustices around us, but to provide a starting point for how to engage with the issues personally first, so as to see it more clearly from the inside out–and we hope engage with it more imaginatively, in a more empowered, centered, grounded, and fully responsible way.

Venus in Capricorn Aids the Pluto Uranus Grand Shift

The 6th of 7 Pluto Uranus squares is exact Monday, December 14th. Venus is approaching alignment with Pluto at this square and is conjunct Pluto and square Uranus December 20, just two days before meeting with the Moon at the “First Chakra Gate” since rising as Evening Star on December 4th.  To me it seems clear Venus, as she begins her phase of reconstruction and strengthening after months in the Underworld, is supporting our collective efforts to build the new culture in place of the one that is falling apart all around us.

Since January of this year, Cayelin Castell and I have initiated an experiment, a real-time collective re-enactment of the full 584 ½ day Venus Synodic Cycle as a Death Rebirth Initiation, guided by the Sumerian Inanna Descent Myth.  We’ve been doing this with about 80 women and men across the globe, and have seen very powerful impacts on all those deeply engaged in the process.

Venus, or the Sacred Feminine, has been supporting the dismantling of the cultural, collective story, making way for a new cultural paradigm. In the sign of Capricorn she—and we—are in service to the Circle of the Grandmothers, the Clan Mothers, those who can work across the lines of the past and the future to build a culture that serves the next seven generations and the living Earth.

The return of the Divine Feminine has to do with bringing our full awareness, our wiser and more unified selves into this world of matter and form that we inhabit. At our current time we also have the bigger process of the Inner Sacred Marriage at play, meaning that the Awakened Masculine is also rising, and coming back into relationship with the Sacred Feminine.

With Venus (the Divine Feminine) currently igniting and supporting the Pluto Uranus culture transformation process, the question is—what works? The above exercise, I believe is a pragmatic and illuminating first step, helping us align ourselves with our own deeper, soulful wisdom (Divine Feminine Venus/Pluto) so we can act out in the world in a manner that brings healing, beaut y and awakening (Sacred Masculine Mars/Uranus).

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