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May 1 to 7

New Moon in Taurus

We are still within the window of the Taurus New Moon, exact yesterday morning. A beautiful time for ceremony—and setting intentions—is tonight or tomorrow night, when we first see the sliver of the crescent moon in the evening sky.  This Taurus energy is helping us to center as Venus, Mars, Mercury Jupiter, and Uranus continue to move through the sign of Aries. Many of us are finding a moment to catch our breath—perhaps experiencing a bit of exhaustion after last month’s increasingly intense Aries dynamic.

So much fiery, fast-moving energy can tire us out if we don’t deliberately find spaces of calm, of emotional centering, of inner grounding. In other words, though it is so easy to just “keep moving” right now, it is vital to slow down every once in a while and do nothing so we can recharge at the core.

So let’s pace ourselves. In her monthly report my teacher Cayelin Castell recently described Aries in this way:  Aries mythically relates to the Solar Heroes (we who are incarnated now) who have entered this dimension for a specific divine mission or purpose. I believe so strongly that we are each on this Earth with a unique purpose to fulfill. Aries can light this up for us, and awaken a longing to wake each morning excited to greet the day and contribute all that we are. Yet, when we are receiving this energy with such intensity, we can easily burn out.

The last Venus cycle, from April 2009 to November 2010, was the Aries cycle. During that period the Aries Goddess was awakened and empowered. She can be understood as the Warrior Amazon, in service to the Earth, fighting for the just cause of a healthy planet for all of life. She was born in each of us, and we are feeling her stirring even more strongly now. We need the increasing influence of Taurus because Aries fieriness requires grounding in order to affect enduring change in this world.

Healthy Aries—both masculine and feminine—is learning to “fight” in a new way. As we learn to honor equally the dark and light, we must be willing to face our own shadow, and stop projecting it onto others. We are healing the split of our current age, which has favored always one side of life over another—life over death; human ingenuity over natural processes; eternal happiness over grief or pain, etc.; never accepting all parts within or without. This has created an entire human culture based on struggle.

Aries has been on the frontlines always wanting to “fight evil,” pursue and eliminate darkness from this world. Yet today we are learning to see that we must first be spiritual warriors, willing to face and heal our own shadow, our own pain, our own imperfections, even as we pursue our mission “out there.” Even in this fight to save the planet and healthy human communities, we must practice humility, seeing our own part in the story and thus having compassion—first for ourselves, then for others.

I feel that Taurus can assist us in this process, as it encourages us to slow down, and be present in the moment. As we create pockets of calm and peacefulness within our minds, bodies, and our days, our actions begin to flow naturally into alignment with the pulse of this Earth and her cycles, and life itself begins to feel less like a struggle, and more like a dance of joy, and celebration.

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