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Journey Through the Nine Chakras

a Practice for Self-Diagnosis and Healing

I was introduced to an initial version of this practice in 2013 in my first live workshop with Robert Moss on the Big Island of Hawaii, in a five-day intensive themed “The Temple of Dream Healing.”  I come from a family of healers—my Grandmother, my Mom, and sister have all healed themselves of cancer, and I learned growing up we have this power to self-heal.

In this Venus Initiatory Journey, this is the first In-Depth Active Dream Healing practice we will do because it will lay the foundation for us to more powerfully work with our personal Chakras at each of the Venus Chakra Gates.  You can revisit each of the Chakras at ANY TIME to see what has changed, how all is shifting and evolving.

What are the Chakras?


The Chakras, known within eastern healing traditions for millennia, are seen as mediators of energy between the subtle and physical body of an individual.  The energy body can be seen as surrounding the physical body and holding a template for symptoms and conditions appearing on the physical level.  


With a great surge of interest in eastern spirituality in the west since the 1960’s and integrative healing pioneers including medical intuitive Carolyne Myss and Norman Shealey among many western yogis now widespread across the west, most spiritual practitioners are familiar with the chakras.


What we will find with these and other dream healing practices is that when we learn to attune and respond to blocks, distortions, or other imbalances at the more subtle level, we can often prevent more extreme health conditions from manifesting.  

By learning the language of our body as it speaks to us in our dreams and working with this exercise, we tap into the spiritual and emotional dimensions of illness so we can heal at the foundational level first.


Step One: Energy Scan and Diagnosis

The first step in the process is to use the guided meditation to move through all of the Chakra Centers one at a time, stopping to draw what you find very simply as a child would, after each gate.  

You can do this in one of two ways—have nine separate pieces of paper to sketch in greater detail or use one piece of paper and draw a very simple sketch from bottom to top of the most essential details (animal, plant, stone).  

The purpose of this is to bypass the rational logical mind and locate something deeper, in the territory of soul. This is why we do this exercise quickly, don’t speak too much into the prescribed colors or qualities of each chakra, and have you draw simply and with crayons or markers.  

Through this exercise you will discover the landscape of each of your chakras, any life forms there, and assess the general health and wellbeing of these energy centers.  

You may find that the landscape and beings in certain chakras are more vibrant and healthy while you may feel blocked, see only darkness or a void, or see unhealthy conditions in some energy centers.

The second part of the exercise, the Healing Journey, is where you will re-enter these Centers either alone or with a guide or fellow Dream Journeyer, with intent for healing. 

In the Morning Star Phase, you will want to begin with the Soul Star Chakra Gate, and complete with the Earth Star Chakra.  In the Evening Star Phase you will want to journey from the EarthStar up to the SoulStar Chakra.

Special Note on the Nine Centers of the Body

We will be diagnosing the usual seven centers as well as two lesser-known Chakras—the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakra. This is because the Venus journey sometimes includes these two.  I will not be sharing any detail about these chakras in this exercise other than their general location BECAUSE the intent is to encounter them in a fresh way directly as you experience them.

  • EarthStar Chakra—twelve inches beneath the feet

  • Root Chakra--base of the spine

  • Sacral Chakra—womb or lower belly

  • Solar Plexus Chakra--upper belly

  • Heart Chakra--center of the chest

  • Throat Chakra—throat area

  • Brow Chakra--the forehead

  • Crown Chakra--top of the head

  • SoulStar Chakra--foot above the head

Journey Through The Chakras an Introduction and Step One Diagnosis

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