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Earth Pilgrim: 
Ecstatic Land Weaving Initiation

Image Credit Olivia Marie Oso

Five Week Immersion

February 3 to March 3

5 Live Classes Thursdays 7:00 to 8:30 pm Central

Dreaming Classes (Add On)  Saturdays

This five-week immersion is the third offering of my Earth Sky Woman School curriculum.  Our initiatory journey begins on Imbolc, as Venus Morning Star has recently appeared in the Morning Sky shining brightly in her new Capricorn Cycle.

We initiate 2022 year of Element Earth with Venus in a Capricorn Cycle, Mercury in an Earth Year and North Node in Taurus, bringing alive (and in love) the lands of our lives and lineages into our bodies, celebrating and listening deep to the wisdom of these lands.

I have been seeing and feeling for the past five years how the Earth body and our body are one and the same.  When I lived in New Mexico during the years of drought, I traveled back to Missouri with its great humidity and moisture and rains and when I returned to New Mexico I felt clearly how my body carried the rains with me to those lands. 

We begin Thursday, February 10 on Jupiter's Day, planet of the Spiritual Quest.  We weave in the dreaming realms, opening portals into the sacred lands each of us loves and tends to, diving deep into the layers of Earth to remember the magical wisdom living in her body, and in our bodies. 


We become Earth Dreamers and Oracles, listening deep and receiving the directives for our lives, gaining wisdom to share with others. Opening to the magic available to us when we live in devotion to Her within and without.

Week One: Land of Our Birth

Week Two: Ancestral Lands

Week Three: Current Lands (and Original Ancestors)

Week Four: Lands of our Travels

Week Five: Our Bodies: Sacred Land Weavers

Course Includes:

  • Five Live 90 Minute Classes

  • Five Sacred Land Portal Guided Meditations

  • Large group, small group, partner sharing

  • Active Dreaming Practice Tutorial

  • Online Group for Dream and Land Love Sharing

  • Support for Weekly Mini Pilgrimages

  • Support building an Earth Altar

  • Guest Speakers:

    • Rochelle Schiek: Land of our Birth and Earth Offerings​

    • Sarah Mari: Ancestral Lands

    • Rosie Grayson Thunderchief: Land Acknowledgment

    • Robert K. Dubiel, Land of our Travels

Sky Medicine

Details by Class Date:

    • Feb 3: Imbolc, Moon with Neptune, Sun Saturn Cazimin

    • Feb 10:  Moon in Gemini with Black Moon Lilith--Land of our Birth

    • February 17: Moon in Virgo Opposite Neptune--Venus Mars Conjunction in Capricorn--Ancestral Lands

    • February 24: Moon in Sagittarius, Pluto near Return to U.S. Birth Chart--Honoring Lands of our Travels

    • March 3 Moon in Pisces/Aries, Venus Mars Capricorn conjunction, Jupiter Cazimi: Honoring our Current Lands

Limited Number of Scholarships available


ADD ON: Earth Dreaming Group Work

Weekly Dream Circles where we enter "dream portals" in the lands we are exploring for the week in group and partner contexts using visionary Active Dreaming practices to be in a deeper conversation and listening to the land. 

ADD ON: Groups of Three Land Journeying Intensive


Two 90 minute intensive land journeying sessions where we meet in Groups of 3 to Support Each other in journeying to Sacred Lands (may be our own bodies) most calling to us to learn, receive guidance and take action in accordance with Earth directives

Three Options For Participation

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Full Course WITHOUT

Live Dreaming Circles


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Full Course Plus Group Dreaming Circles




Full Course and Intensive Circle (limited to

2 participants)