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Full Details On My Many Types of Readings HERE

Consultations with Tami

Sessions can take place in person, on the phone, or via Zoom.


Preparation for a Reading

At least 2 days before our reading, send me an email at with your date, time, and location of birth,  a bit about yourself, the current concerns and issues you are working with, and any history you feel is important for me to know, as well as your intent for the session.

Prior to the reading set aside time to meditate on your intentions for the session, and to gain clarity in what you hope to gain from it. In this way, we can work as equal partners with Spirit to gain the greatest clarity, healing, and benefit from your session.

Reading Costs

$180 per hour plus small online charge


Shamanic Astrology

First Session Birth Chart & Essential Cycles:  90 minutes ($270)

First Session Birth Chart & In-Depth Cycles: 2 Hours ($360)

Couples Synastry Reading: 2 Hours ($360)

Transit/Cycles Reading Only: 1 Hour ($180)

Venus Reading: 2 Hours ($360)

Star Birth Chart Reading: 2 Hours (actual reading is 90 minutes but I charge for 2 hours because the prep time is much greater than for other readings). ($360)

Active Dream Sessions: 1 Hour

Schedule Your Session HERE
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