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24 Hour Flash Sale

Venus in Capricorn Cycle Bundle

Package includes personal Venus Reading, guided support through Venus Life Review Process, Guided Meditations, key dates and preparation for upcoming Capricorn Venus Cycle. (Value $700 save $200)


Recommended to also enroll in Venus Alchemy's Venus in Capricorn Intensive found at

Shamanic Astrology Apprenticeship Bundle

Includes four mentoring sessions which can include work with the Venus Cycle, reviewing client charts, Star wisdom, Reading the Sky in the Chart, Astrology Dreaming Practices, constructing your personal heirophany, specialized Shamanic Astrology teachings, and more.  We design this program together to help you get the most out of it. 

2022 Wayfinding Bundle

Current Clients: four 1-hour sessions

New Clients initial 2-hour session and three 1-hour sessions

Includes initial session and three quarterly to act as ongoing support and check in's for 2022.  Opening the year with strong intent based on personal transits interwoven with collective transits, deepening and integrating work throughout the year.  

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