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Week of July 22 to July 29

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

This week, for the first time in a long while, there have been no major planetary happenings, outside of tonight’s last quarter Moon in Taurus, exact at 11:00 pm MST. The Last Quarter Moon is a square between the Leo Sun and Taurus Moon. Both Leo and Taurus can be understood as “self-interest” signs. Tonight is a good time to become aware of the ways that we disempower, diminish, and reject ourselves-so that we can let go of those patterns and thus create space for a new relationship with Self to emerge.

Considering that the emphasis here is Taurus, we might consider what kinds of occurrences, thoughts, and beliefs pull us out of our bodies, and out of our full presence in the world. In order to live lives of great joy, engagement, abundance, and grounded awareness, we do well to pay attention to those patterns that pull us out of our fully embodied, empowered, selves–and then to consciously reduce those patterns in our lives.

From now until the New Moon next Saturday on July 30, we are in the Balsamic Moon phase. This is the greatest “release” phase of our monthly cycle. It is a very good idea to allow ourselves plenty of rest and down time, so that the deeper levels of release can happen naturally and easefully. All that is being cleared at this time is preparing us for the New Moon in Leo-and a month where we can welcome in greater empowerment and radiant self-love.

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