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Rain in the Desert & the Gift of the Grand Water Trine

Grand Water Trine Exact Today and Friday

Hooray! It’s a very special day on Earth, through the lens of the Heavens. It’s a moment that’s been simmering for a while which today is bubbling and overflowing. We will blessedly continue to experience this Grand Water Trine through the coming week and remainder of July. At 11:31 am MDT, Jupiter was in an exact trine with Saturn. At 6:14 pm MDT, Jupiter will be exactly trine Neptune. And this Friday, the final aspect—Saturn Trine Neptune, will be exact.

Today’s Jupiter Trines occurs within the “time out of time” window of Uranus stationing retrograde. In fact, Uranus stationed just 10 minutes before the Jupiter Saturn Trine. We also happen to be at the tail end of the Mercury Retrograde cycle (it stations direct on Saturday)–so wowee zowee folks—this is a week of miracles and magic.

Jupiter Trine Saturn and Neptune

A Grand Trine in the Water Signs—Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces—is a moment where we get to experience the ease and harmony in life, and ask ourselves—what might it mean to choose flow, to choose alignment, to actually allow Life to take us where our souls and spirits desire for us to go? I cannot recommend strongly enough that we take time for meditation, prayer, and contemplation over these coming days, to receive the full benefit.

Today Jupiter moves resonantly with the energy of Saturn, and of Neptune, helping us feel the “good” sides” of both. Jupiter at ease with Saturn means that over the coming days we can focus our energy on manifestation in a very powerful way. The way new life comes into form is through the In Breath or Contraction (Saturn) and the Out Breath or expansion (Jupiter). We are learning to dance with both.

Jupiter at ease with Neptune means that Higher Love comes down to earth and infuses our institutions of religion and higher learning with the innate knowledge that All is One. If we want to get the most out of the next week, I can’t emphasize enough how powerful meditation, contemplative walks in nature, prayer, and other practices to get us in touch with Divine Revelation are at this time. They help to lay a strong spiritual foundation for the months to come.

Saturn Trine Neptune–Awakening the Dreamers

On Friday July 19 at 7:20 am MDT, Saturn Trines Neptune. I really love the implications of this, as an individual with lots of Neptune in my chart, but also lots of Saturn and Capricorn. Many of us emerging World Changers have bumped up against a particular dilemma that we sometimes get stuck on. I am going to guess that you, as my reader, have some of this tension in you, as well.

We often have high ideals and aspirations. We want to raise the vibration of the world we live in, and in our best moments we love everyone and everything—we see the world through the eyes of God. We want to live in the place of spiritual oneness and connection. We have a strong felt sense of what is possible in our world, and from the time we are very young, we are powerful dreamers and visionaries.

Yet we have been told from childhood that we daydream too much, that we are naïve, that the world doesn’t “work that way.” By adulthood, some of us are not totally crushed by this constant message that we are powerless and that dreams of change are illusions. We step into the world eagerly, with a mission to bring our visions into physical, manifest reality.

Yet it is frequently part of our initiation to have our hearts broken. We may even come to believe that the messages of cynicism and apathy handed down to us are true. For a while. Yet sooner or later life will stir that familiar longing in our hearts and we will awaken to the reality that the world depends on us, the dreamers. And so we root ourselves into the world as it is, and stretch our branches, and learn to connect the Above, and the Below.

For it is our destiny to become practical visionaries, to become effective doers with vision and a sacred calling. With Neptune and Saturn in a Trine on Friday, we are invited to use our practices of meditation, mindfulness, or other means of listening and receiving, to bring in and embody our destiny more powerfully than we ever have before.

When Flow Feels Like Crisis

On the OTHER hand, if we have been trying too hard to hold it together, to hold back the emerging changes, shifts, and transformations that are wanting to burst forth in our lives—well, this might not be an “easy” or purely good feeling time, yet in the long run, our “breakdown” is a breakthrough of life force energy, an opening where life can rush through and fill us, and awaken us, and help us to become more full of feeling, more a PART of life instead of APART from life.

Rain in the Desert—The Gift of the Watery Trine

I am feeling a big, resonant Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ringing out here in the New Mexico desert because within the past two weeks as this Trine has been building and building, we have finally received the gracious and abundant gift of rain, precious rain. Since last August, our lands had received less than an inch of rain. Finally, it arrived. Falling on our deserts, plans, and mountains, our great Rio Grande, our streams and arroyos and acequia irrigation ditches, our farms and orchards.

Girl in Rain

My love and I hiked in the Sandia Mountains yesterday and all the earth was singing Hallelujah in three part harmony. You wouldn’t have believed the heady and happy scent of newly rejuvenated Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir, brought to life through the fresh rain and after rain sunshine. If I could post a link to a smell (now when are they going to do that??) I would and you’d see what I mean.

Every seasoned and amateur astrologer knows that a Trine has two sides. On the one hand, a person with a Grand Trine in their chart has innate gifts, areas of ease and grace and flow that just come without effort. They have an easy ability to just BE. Yet the other side is that the Trine’s gifts can be taken for granted that they may never be fully developed or brought forward into the world. It helps if we have SOME more dynamic aspects in our chart that help move us forward.

I feel so blessed in this moment to live in the desert, at a moment where I get to see, feel, and personally experience a miracle. This is what it means to be a desert dweller, and perhaps what lies beneath the holiness so many people feel in this landscape. We know that times of challenge, of drought, of struggle and hardship create fertile conditions for new life to spring forth INSTANTLY in the wake of rain.

What becomes rapidly clear after a good, cleansing downpour is that this landscape is made to heal itself rapidly, to respond immediately. Every plant, every microorganism in the soil, every desert dweller’s heart, is primed and ready for the Thank You that emerges in the form of new green leaves, singing birds, rapidly blossoming flowers, and new life in a multitude of forms.

Getting back to the Trine, what has felt very clear to me in the wake of New Mexico’s most devastating two year drought in 120 years is that we human beings played a role in bringing back the rain. Two months ago, so many of us felt desperate, dry, heartbroken. The future felt so uncertain, and many were moving away. So many studies were cited suggesting the long term nature of this drought.

Yet something blossomed in the middle of that hard possibility in my heart and mind, and in the hearts and minds of so many others here in New Mexico. We began to see and feel that rain was possible. A friend dreamed rain pouring down in the Sandias and said she would hold that image. A small group on Facebook led by a female shaman calling for a one-time 5 minute rain meditation swelled to nearly 1000. We “met” every Sunday, and for much more than 5 minutes.

We were like the Whos in Whoville, with the spectre of climate change as our Grinch, holding expectant gratitude for what was sure to come. Loving what is here already.

When I traveled to Missouri where the land is green, and recovering from last year’s drought, I realized upon returning to New Mexico that I carried the vibration of green, and rain, and healing back with me, in my body, in my being. In a circle of women I had gathered where we were dedicated to bringing forward the juicy, embodied energy of the Holy Feminine, a woman dreamed that The Mother had returned—and now everything would change.

And this is the gift of the Watery Trine, which we have an opportunity to fully claim now, with a hearty Thank You, and bring into our lives for the months to come. When our lives are in drought, when we are caught up in struggle, and in pain, and in challenge, we can ready ourselves for the rain that is inevitably on its way.

We can ready ourselves so that when that rain comes–and it will–we are expectant and ready, with our rain barrels, our green streets, our catchment basins and our thirsty hearts, ready to hold that rain in our arms and in our ready soil. Ready to burst forth, and ready to blossom.

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