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October Audio Overview

Dear Friends,

Here is the October Audio Overview, about 20 minutes long, to give you the download on what to expect from the month to come!

I also recommend my premium membership, as I will provide you with a full calendar of October with a written overview and weekly outline to print out, as well as weekly audio of 20-25 minutes in depth, preparing you for the week to come.

Many Blessings!


Thank you for this, Tami! Per usual, you stir the magic pot of my heart and help me to integrate all these changes that have been happening. Also, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you doing the monthly readings. I’ve listened to the June one twice and each time I hear something that stirs a deep chord in my soul. I feel more sure that we are definitely not alone and more capable and confident to work with the natural cycles to tune in more intimately to the magic that life whispers to us in every moment. Thank you so much! I am receiving so much from your well-spoken perspective of the movement of the stars.

–Kate Short Lindsay, Austin, Texas

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