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Cancer Full Moon & Two Week Celestial Report

Tonight the Cancer Full Moon rises within a degree of Pollux, one of the two brightest stars in the Twins Constellation. This is the third and final night of the 3-day Cancer Full Moon and tonight is indeed a powerful night for a fire-releasing ceremony.

Yet the next two weeks of the waning Moon continues to be a window for powerful clearing and release as we continue to bring in 2015, and welcome days of more and more vibrant illumination from our beautiful winter Sun.

Did you set intentions for the month or year at the Capricorn New Moon? Did you get them down? Did you feel clear and tangible in these intentions? If you did, great!

Now is the time to revisit and assess what is growing currently in those areas of your life and what blocks have emerged for you as you attempted to move toward creating these new patterns for the month or year.

Refine, recalibrate, reduce if needed, especially in the realm of New Moon Intentions. By now, especially regarding New Year’s intentions, you probably have a clearer sense of what is too much, what is a “good idea” but not a fully embodied “yes” that you are inspired enough to manifest.

With the Cancer/Capricorn axis of this Full Moon, many of us are currently looking at the painful or stuck patterns around family that showed up for us over the holidays. This becomes part of the internal conversation around what we want to create anew in 2015.

Entrenched family and ancestral patterns require us to really wake up and get truthful. It’s good to remember to be kind to ourselves in this process, knowing that greater awareness and healing of these issues translates to more juice and aliveness in this year to come.

If you want to do a simple ceremony, with a fire, or even a candle, just name 1-5 of the strongest beliefs, stories, or family patterns you’ve identified that you want help clearing and releasing.

Write it down, breathe the feeling that energy evokes in you onto the paper, and burn it up, giving gratitude to the fire and your spirit helpers for support in transforming your old wounding into new energy for your life.

Happy New Year for all of January-or Incremental Intention Setting

Regarding New Year’s resolutions specifically, the past month has carried such intensity for many of us with the Pluto Uranus square dynamic and all that’s thrown in our path, so that we have been doing our best to catch our breath, grieve our losses, center, and practice love and self-care.

Setting strong clear intentions for 2015 at the Capricorn New or on New Year’s might have felt like too much. You might like to know something I just learned–in France people say “Happy New Year!” every day through the month of January.

Personally, I’m taking that to heart and over the next two weeks I will continue to play with and revel in the incremental crystallization of my 2015 intentions, activating them boldly at the Aquarius New Moon on January 20.

Part of what I am doing in the meantime is experimenting with small, radical changes every day to see what resistance and unexpected joy emerges in the process. My favorites currently are washing my face with ice cold water, dancing every day, and seeing how I can do little things differently to start! An Extra Note Regarding New Year Intentions Setting

In our modern western culture, especially in the U.S., it is our great strength and also our blind spot that we are constantly trying to leave the past behind. We are obsessed with purging, cleansing, radical change, and reset button. The great Uranus activation over the pmonth has amplified that tendency.

While it is healthy to embrace change on the one hand, when our urge to reboot our lives becomes an addictive compulsion, we might want to look at it more deeply. Is there a layer of self-loathing under the surface, a feeling of unworthiness, an unwillingness to accept ourselves as we are as our actual starting point?

This might be likened to the way that I, as a white person, might become outraged about racism and want for everything to change immediately, yet not be willing to look deeply at the areas where I am unconscious about race, and bring greater awareness and healing to that inner terrain as I find my place in the outer arena of societal transformation.

With our modern western love affair with the do-over, it should be no wonder that the New Year is charged with the potential for positive, dramatic change–yet in the extreme we might find ourselves manic in our desire to make radical shifts in a panicky kind of way, because we are so NOT okay with ourselves and our lives. The best launching off point for lasting change is actually the foundation of a clear acknowledgment of where we are in the moment.

So part of our practice in the weeks to come, now that both Venus and Mercury have moved into Aquarius is to take the higher view, and circle over our lives as if from a divine perspective.

This is very similar to our capacity to do this at the Capricorn New Moon, with Uranus stationing direct. Aquarius enables us to see as the Eagle does-with detail, and yet also to see the whole picture. It is as though we get to perceive of our lives through our Higher Self, or Oversoul Self.

From this perspective, all is well, and the possibilities are endless.

From that angle, see in a detached way where we are in our lives without judgment and from a neutral viewpoint. With that clear perspective, we will have more of an expanded sense of possibility and choice, from which to claim our greatest movement forward in the months and year to come.

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