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2016 as the Year of Inspired Service, Joyful, Collaborative Creation, and Life as Ceremony

I’m calling 2016 the year of Inspired Service, Joyful, Collaborative Creation, and Life as Ceremony.   We are re-awakening, remembering in a modern context the oldest human religion—animistic spirituality, shamanic spirituality, a spirituality that mends the broken web, the great gap between Earth and Sky, Masculine and Feminine.

We are waking up to the distortions of the Dream that has been handed down to us and we are cultivating our capacity as Dreamers of our Own Reality to radically shift the Collective Dream.  We are finally seeing the power of our individual and collective intent to affect change at the most radical and fundamental of levels.

As emerging alchemists of a new era, we are discovering that when we observe the whole pattern from an integral perspective, we can make tiny, precise changes in divine timing with ripple affects across the entire web of creation.

Jupiter and North Node in Virgo

The clearest messages coming through for humanity in 2016 are being delivered by Jupiter and the North Node, both in the sign of Virgo for much of the year.  Jupiter shows us our collective dharmic path, and the “fast track” to bust through obstacles as well as the area fostering greatest inspiration and enthusiasm.  The North Node re-aligns us with our soul’s original intent, pointing true north toward our destiny. 

Five Virgo-Inspired Questions to Get the Most out of 2016

1. Am I Integrating the Sacred Into My Life? What are my daily, weekly, monthly practices that touch me into the Sacred?  For some of us, this might be meditation, or blessing our food, daily prayer for self and others.  Virgo asks if our spiritual practice actively forges a stronger connection between us and the Earth and Sky, the rhythms of nature and the Cosmos.

2. Am I Honoring the Feminine Within and Without? Virgo at its root reveres and embodies the Divine, Sovereign Feminine.  Virgo upholds the women’s mysteries.   The Feminine Principle is always in the process of “involution,” Spirit moving into bringing consciousness and love and light into matter.

This year many of us will be called to learn skills practiced by the ancient Priestesses and Priests dedicated to the Goddess.  These might include coming of age, birth and death rites, sacred sexuality, ceremony and ritual in all its forms.  It might include working with the Solar and Lunar cycles and the night sky, with dreams and oracles, plant medicines.

We might feel called to cultivate our intuitive and psychic abilities, our abilities as seers and oracles, so that these skills are grounded and of practical benefit to ourselves and others

How Can I Redesign My Life to Reflect my True Priorities? Virgo is impersonal, discerning, analytical, a master designer, weaving and existing in harmony within the pattern of Creation.  Virgo medicine is embodied as Spider Woman in Native American lore.  As I write these words, Spider has shown up on my desk, affirming this!)

Virgo is a powerful Creatrix, and intuitively senses when something is “out of pattern,” knowing how to reweave the web of life in small and precise ways to bring back balance and wholeness.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are a spider, and all about you is the web that is your present life.  Consider that the threads of this web connect to all of the following areas of your life (or choose your own!):  Body, Spirit, Relationship, Intellect, Work, Play.

Where do you feel strong, healthy connections? Where do you feel the lines go slack, needing to be tightened, strengthened for the good of the whole? If this feels too abstract for you to clearly vision, get out a big piece of paper and sketch yourself as the spider at the center, with lines connecting you to bubbles representing these areas.

You might want to just create stream of consciousness colors and designs in each of the circles that represent the different areas of your life, or draw images, or actually write words or “bumper stickers” that hold the energy of where you’re at now.

The idea is to see and feel what’s in and what’s out of balance RIGHT NOW.   The next step is to create a Vision Board/Collage with images, words that highlight how you WANT to experience each of your chosen life realms.  This can be your guide for Redesigning and Manifesting your Life anew in 2016.

4. Am I Engaged in Joyful, Inspired Service?

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I have experienced the greatest joy and inspiration when I was engaged in some form of meaningful service in a community of individuals with a positive outlook who wanted to make the world a better place.

Recently at the Call of the Sage Vision Council Gathering I attended outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, I found myself in the company of such inspired, joyful, generous human beings, and I realized how much, as a “solopreneur” often focused on my personal practice, studies, writing, etc.—I was missing the experience of collaborative service with others.

Are you giving yourself the gift of being of service to something larger than yourself?  The form this service takes looks different for everyone, but it should leave you feeling inspired, and connected, and energized more often than not.  This doesn’t mean you won’t have discouraging moments, but overall—you find JOY in your service.

It’s no accident that that the “happiest jobs” in surveys across the globe consistently turn up teachers, nurses, and firefighters.   Clearly the focus of this work is on service, there is a lot of positive human feedback these individuals get from their work.

3. Am I Doing my Sacred Work? Some of us know from an early age what our sacred work is.  It’s what we would be doing even if money were not an issue!!!  Many of us, however, spend our lives seeking and refining and shifting and expanding our definition.   Virgo is deeply dedicated to identifying and doing the Sacred Work in all its forms.

With Virgo the sacred work is not about how it looks to others, or ego strokes.  Virgo Sacred Work is about devotion, dedication, service, and alignment with our personal truth, and the work that flows from that essence.  Virgo asks—how can I grow, cultivate, and master my skills in a given area so that I can bring balance and healing back into the world?

When she is aligned, Virgo is very, very good at focusing, getting rid of distractions, and plowing into the process of honing, refining, and perfecting the sacred work.  What might show up as we step more into this field of Virgo is that we have less interest in, and tolerance for, relationships and social distractions that do not in some way support us in moving more deeply and joyfully into our Sacred Work.


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