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Emerge 2023 Morning Session

In the Flow_ Divine Flow_Enrgy Up-Vibe-ing©Suza Ortego_ for Emerge 2023  (2).jpg

In the Divine Flow 2023 Activation Painting by Suza Ortego

2023 Astrology Forecast Extended

Gemini Brett on the Currents and Highlights of 2023

Afternoon 2023 Group Dreaming Session

Robert K Dubiel Talk and Guided Meditation for 2023

Tami Brunk 2023 Vision Portal Meditation

Contact information for guests and groups:

Suza Ortego: Healing Artist, Aromatherapist, Professional Clearer HIGHLY recommended to clear physical spaces, business or life. Link HERE
Mar Guerrero:  Astrologer, Shamani
c Breathwork. Highly recommend her services HERE.  

Mar's special Offering of More In Depth Breathwork Session HERE

asha Rose: Astrologer, Venus Wisdom recommend her powerful Venus work learn more HERE
Sheridan Semple weaves together the worlds of Shamanic Astrology, Venus Alchemy, and Aromatherapy in a wonderful way.  Highly recommend her work! Learn more HERE
Gemini Brett: Astrologer, Mentor, Teacher (I feel every budding astrologer is wise to study with Brett)!  LINK FOR WEBSITE HERE

New Course on Naked Eye Astronomy begins January 28 at Kepler College link HERE
Robert K Dubiel, Intuitive Coach, Author:  website to book sessions and purchase his books (BOTH HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) at this LINK 
Vandee Crane: Rise in Love Foundation supporting rematriation for indigenous women. Follow Vandee and support her very powerful work HERE.
Tracy Barnett
: Esperanza Project bringing visibility to hopeful trends and projects across the Americas with a special focus on indigenous issues--very powerful, inspiring, learn more and subscribe HERE

More Resources

More on the Venus in Capricorn Cycle and Capricorn Crucible from Tami Brunk

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